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How to configure character set encoding

The character set encoding of a web page is usually configured in the web server. This is possible by means of the charset coding, which is specified in the content encoding HTTP header. This is the most robust and reliable way to specify a character set. Please note that the text in the pages that are served on the webserver must comply with this character set, otherwise disruptions will be created and the page text can be interpreted incorrectly.

Besides specifying the character set through an HTTP header, it's also possible to use the charset meta tag. Although a less strong form of implementation, it can be used in cases whereby the situation doesn't allow you to manage the web server settings, for example in a shared hosting environment.

Besides specifying the character set by means of reading the page, it is also important to define the character set at the time of saving the data to the database. Please ensure that this character set is identical to the character set in the web server so there is less chance of disruptions or misinterpretation of the data.

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